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Here at URAM we believe everyone should enjoy and understand their technology, what it can do for you, why it sometimes lets you down and how to fix some of the common problems that will face you from time to time. This is what makes us different............

The difference starts with the love of technology _

We love technology! There, we said it!

What separates us from other technology support companies is our desire to educate as well as support. In fact this is the at very core of the company.


We want you to call us less. Wait, what? 

Building our customers confidence though education is what drives us to exist as a service. We want to support and solve your technology issues but then go one step further (only if you want to!), we then want to show you why the problem occurred, what we did and then show you how to solve the problem yourself if it happens again. This obviously takes a little longer than a straight forward 'fix' but it gives you the opportunity to learn and take your own notes, take control....if you want to.

Do worry, if you just want us to solve the problem, we can do that too, you choose, you take control!

So, that's us, a technology support company that does things differently, one that wants YOU to take control of your tech and enjoy all the benefits it brings, one day hoping you will love it like we do!



URAM Domestic Technology Support

Helping YOU take control of technology

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