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URAM strives to solve the problems faced by you everyday, showing you how the solution was achieved and (if you desire) teaching you so you may gain the confidence to take control of your domestic technology.

Our services below cover most of the day to day frustrations and challenges that present themselves to us as a test of patience! Let us help you love technology, not just cope with it.


We love technology!

Computer _
  • Computer (Mac or PC) Tune-Up

  • Data Back-Up or Transfer

  • New Computer Setup

  • Software Install or Uninstall

  • Email or On-Line Account Setup

  • Printer Setup

  • General Computer Training

  • OS (Operating System) Install/Update/Re-Install

  • Hard Drive and RAM Upgrades

  • Accessibility training and setup

Mobile Phone/Tablet _
  • Perform initial setup and connect device to the internet

  • Setup user email account

  • Demonstrate how to find and install new apps

  • Explain folders and search

  • OS Upgrades

  • Explain Back-ups and 'the cloud'

  • Demonstrate how to find and get connected to a wireless network

  • Explain how to maximise battery life

  • Accessibility training and setup

TV/Audio/Video _
  • TV Setup

  • Home Theatre Setup

  • Surround Sound Setup

  • Home Theatre Tutorial

  • Home Stereo Connectivity Support

  • Streaming Media Device Setup

Connected Home _
Smart Home Assistants
(Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod)
  • Setup and account creation

  • Explanation of features

  • Connection to smart devices

  • Loading Apps and Skills

  • Adding Music streaming via account set up (additional account specific fees apply)

Wifi and Networking _
  • New Router Setup 

  • 'Dead Zone' identification and advice

  • Mesh System Setup

  • Powerline Adapter Setup

  • NAS setup (Network Attached Storage - for media and back-up)

Photo Editing _
  • Cropping

  • Blemish Removal

  • Colour editing  including Black and White photo creation

  • Scanning physical photos for digital archiving and viewing on network attached media

Gaming _
  • Console setup and account creation

  • Game installation and operation

  • Adding peripherals (storage, headsets, surround sound etc)

Password Management _
  • Understanding secure password creation

  • Account management and password storage

  • Tutorial on Password Management systems

  • Installing Password Managers on clients devices and synchronisation

URAM Domestic Technology Support

Helping YOU take control of technology

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